Bud Clayton: “On Time” Gallery M Squared Houston, Texas

Time, being an unavoidable condition of life, has become an integral point of origin for my work. Time can be measured, and events taking place within it observed, but, it remains an unstoppable force shyly presenting itself to us through the degradation that takes place when natural and abnormal forces affect the urban environment.

That which society forms is susceptible to neglect and destruction from being preyed upon by weather, chemicals, graffiti, and wear from use. Take for instance a chain link fence that has been there a while. New rust drips from the metal lattice a rhythm of iron oxidation that stains the fence’s concrete foundation in new patterns after every rain. Then, not a block away, a street curb has been painted obsessively bright in an unheeded warning noticeable by the black, rubber, lengthwise marks created by rebellious tires. I emulate these events through the distressed fields of color that I integrate to form my compositions.

A rigid surface pushes back against the brushes, knives, and sandpaper I use to enact the fields of color. Producing my own substrates gives me control over how much space each piece occupies.

The act of painting, mark making, is itself an archaic method of transmitting the conditions of contemporary society. Hectic is the nature of the majority’s day but we are time travelers creeping by at a second per second only able to experience what has already occurred.

“On Time” will open January 31st 2013 at Gallery M Squared with an opening reception on February 1st  7-9pm with the show closing on February 24th.

Gallery M Squared is located in the Houston Heights @ 339 West Nineteenth Street Houston, TX  77008  V: 713.861.6070


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