New Exhibition “Equilibrium & the Storm” set to open July 12, 2014 in Las Cruces, NM

Art Obscura is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new paintings by Texas artist Bud Clayton titled “Equilibrium & the Storm”, on view July 12th through August 7th 2014, with an opening reception with Clayton present July 12th, 2014 at 7pm. Art Obscura is located at 3206 Harrelson St, Las Cruces, NM.

Clayton is producing his new work in a 2500 square feet building, at one time a furniture store, constructed in 1887 in Flatonia, TX. The first twelve of this series are to be released and exhibited at the new gallery, Art Obscura in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Clayton says about his process, “I’ve been trying to illustrate in this collection “Equilibrium & the Storm”-this balance between making snap decisions- impulsive actions, and calmness. That’s basically what the new stuff is about. The way the paint is applied, real energetic movement, and a slow deliberate refinement, balancing the compositions to render a unique aesthetic experience. This isn’t to say either approach is good or bad, or to create a dichotomy, but rather to show that both approaches are appropriate and useful and can be used in conjunction with each another.”

Art Obscura was opened on November 29th 2013 after over a year of planning by Deret Roberts the twenty-three year old Artist, Owner and Curator. Receiving his BFA in the Fall of 2013, Roberts immediately burst into New Mexico’s art market, and since its opening, Art Obscura has hosted over 28 local artists and has already held 3 solo exhibitions securing a foothold as a curator for the young Roberts.


2 thoughts on “New Exhibition “Equilibrium & the Storm” set to open July 12, 2014 in Las Cruces, NM

  1. It is always interesting to see your pieces Buddy. I do hope we make it to the new opening of your show. If not then we will try to make it to the private one in Flatonia.

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